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Become An Independent Property Inspector

Become An Independent Property Inspector:

Earn Extra Money On The Side!

Mortgage Bankers Field Services is one of America’s leading property field services companies, serving the real estate, mortgage and insurance industries.  We provide property inspections for banks and other clients for insurance purposes, during refinancing, for properties in distress and for other reasons.


We are seeking inspectors to perform inspections in towns in multiple States throughout the United States. Most of the inspections are occupancy inspections(visually verify someone still lives at a property), there are occasional interviews (verification of who lives at the property by trying to make contact with a property occupant), there are some interior vacancy walk-thrus (typically photos of each interior room), an occasional insurance loss draft (verifying status of a construction project, e.g. taking picture of a repaired roof) and other types of inspections.

Equipment Required

  1. iPhone or Android phone with camera & Geo tagging GPS functionality; ideally with 4G or similar type camera

  2. Fuel efficient, reliable vehicle

  3. Reliable desktop or laptop with high speed internet access

Other Recommendations:

  1. Microsoft Streets and Trips software or other mapping software, to help you optimize inspector’s driving route (not required)

  2. Clean driving and criminal background (background checks will be done)

Earn Up To $500/mo (or more)

If you are interested in obtaining more information about becoming an independent property inspector, please fill out and submit the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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