The Power of Technology

Mortgage Bankers Field Services utilizes the latest technology to provide efficient and accurate reporting.

Fast, accurate workflow processes and quality case management are the drivers of success for REO service providers and lenders seeking to recover the highest possible value from REO properties.

Mortgage Bankers Field Services utilizes software with a simple, single-screen design. The system makes reporting the property description and status fast, easy and reliable. Inspection data is easy to enter and review from a single screen. A single on-screen view makes it easy to find or edit data for our inspectors and our clients.

Integration of Mortgage Bankers Field Services network with our clients network enables us to readily upload and download work, eliminating nearly all of the manual data entry. Completed reports, including photos, can be easily retrieved by lenders and REO services providers. Tracking of status for work in progress is equally easy, accurate and up-to-the-minute.

The Benefits Help Reduce Cost Through Automation

  • Order Process Management
  • Date and Picture Gathering from the Field
  • Date and Document Storage, Retrieval and Reporting
  • Sync with the Web-Enable Solution to your Laptop
  • Efficient Map Routing with Microsoft Streets & Trips


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